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Rios Ecuador - Rafting in the Jungle

Rios 						Ecuador

Ecuador offers excellent whitewater rafting & kayaking year-round. There are a variety of rivers to choose from, with varying grades of difficulty.
Whether you are a whitewater rafting enthusiast or a kayaking apasionado, Ecuador is an unrivaled whitewater destination that you should not pass up.


- Our most popular trip! The Upper Rio Napo is also known locally as the Rio Jatunyacu, which means “BIG WATER” in Quichua. “Big” is probably the best word to describe this river - BIG WAVES and BIG FUN! A great trip for both beginners and experts alike, it has the perfect combination of exciting rapids, calm pools, and fabulous jungle scenery to delight everybody. Being the headwaters of one of the two rivers that form the mighty Amazon River, this is a rafting adventure that should not be passed up !No previous rafting experience is necessary.

25 kilometers / 1-day trip

SEASON: All year
INCLUDES: Professional guides, top-of-the-line rafting equipment, safety kayaker, transportation to the river and back to Tena, a delicious riverside lunch, and unsurpassed safety.

Rafting Quijos

Magical and unlike any other river, this trip is so spectacular. The Experience also involves tackling a challenging gorge filled with numerous large class IV rapids.

Rafting Quijos, half day, Class III & IV

12 Kilometers
SEASON: From October until March
Departure: Departure from Baeza
MINIMUM: 5 pax

Rafting Quijos, full day, Class IV & IV+

23 Kilometers
SEASON: From October until March
Departure: Departure from Baeza
MINIMUM: 5 pax

Combinated Tours

4-Day Kayak School

Ecuador is an ideal place to learn the sport of whitewater kayaking. The greatest advantage is the pleasure of learning and practicing in warm, clean tropical rivers. Rios Ecuador's kayak schools focus on teaching all the the essential skills of kayaking such as learning to paddle, reading river currents,performing proper river safety and basic river rescues, plus the art of the Eskimo roll.
In the beautiful surroundings of the small town of Tena, you will have the opportunity to kayak various rivers throughout our 4- day school. Our classroom is always the river and our goal is to make learning a fun and memorable experience.

SEASON: all year
INCLUDES: Professional Instructors, kayaks plus all personal equipment, transportation to the river and back to Tena, delicious riverside lunches, and unsurpassed safety.
NOTE: In all our kayaking packages, we have discounts for people that come with their own kayak or personal equipment.


in Dollars in Euros
Rafting Alto Napo, Full day, III 50 56.6
Rafting Quijos, half day without lunch, III and IV 39 44.2
Rafting Quijos, half day with lunch, III and IV 35 40
Rafting Quijos, full day, III and IV 65 74
Kayak School 250 283
Combinated Tours 2 days 124 141
Combinated Tours 3 days 144 163
Combinated Tours 4 days 194 220

The convertion is made with a rate of 1, 132 Euros for 1Dollar ( or 1 Euro for 0.86 Dollars)

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